Job Description

Essential Duties:

  • Create a streamlined method for joining similar or dissimilar materials either through outside source manufacturing as well as internal process manufacturing.
  • Handle all of the engineering-related issues regarding materials joining of hardware, build to print detail components manufactured to customer requirements, and meeting NADCAP credentials.
  • Create operation specific requirements for:
    • Welding
    • Vacuum Brazing
    • Metal Spray Coatings
    • Ceramic Spray Coatings
    • Heat Treatment
  • Design Jig and Fixtures as required.
  • Define Inspection criteria for pre and post joining.
  • Create Cad Models prints as required.
  • Create Process schedule/technique sheets.
  • Create SPS and SNF as required.
  • Provide technical support for Supplier development activities.
  • Assist in the procurement of capital equipment.

Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Fundamentally strong in design for metal joining.
  • Full understanding of EPICOR.
  • Full understanding of Solid Modeling.
    • Solid Edge is the current Modern tool
  • Proficient in relaying information to Suppliers via e-mail and voice communications.
  • Proficient in relaying technical information to Customers via e-mail and voice communications.
  • Self-discipline in the areas of organization and time management.

 Education and Experience:

  • May require a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and/or 5 -7 years of practical experience in the field or related area.